—— Special Guest Visit, Saturday 1st June! ——

On the 1st June, we have another special visit from the most Neon guy around! Last time he was here, he got all the scooter kids hyped in the park, with fun mini-comps and games, demos and general CV-style madness, and then he spent hours meeting and greeting his fans, signing merch and people's helmets, decks, T-Shirts, faces....

We were well impressed by his energy and commitment to his fans and to the scooter culture in general.  So, we're thrilled to welcome back...drum roll....Claudius Vertesi, on Saturday 1st June!

Arrive at 12 to get signed in and warmed up in the Park.  The Claudius machine will roll in at 1pm to get the hype started, and signings will be towards the end of the event, with everything finishing by 6pm.

You can buy your tickets in person from Dynamix at only £20 (pay cash or card), or online here.     Online tickets are subject to Eventbrite fees.





We host, produce in-house and have been involved in a wide range of events, from skate/bmx/scooter jams, comps and demos to circus, live music, dance performance with fire and special effects, film projections/screening, theatre and festivals.

The Dynamix site itself creates an unusual and exciting backdrop for events, and the most common feedback we have had from audiences at, for example, the Vamos Festival events we have held, have been that people came not knowing what to expect, and that the sense of wonderment and surprise continued throughout the evening, created by the different spaces and atmospheres offered by the venue itself, and the eclectic programme, and stimulation of the senses, from delicious Colombian or Mexican foods and drinks, to unique collaborations of performers from different cultures and art forms.


DynamixCIC Groups and Parties

Ladies Night

Our Ladies' Nights are Saturday Night out with a difference!
A chance for Women and Girls to take over Dynamix and try all of the main activities we offer, with facilitators on hand to offer advice and support, in a supportive environment.
You can try: BMX, Inline and quad-skating, Skateboard, Aerial Circus, and Extreme Trampoline!
Your £10 entry gets you a drink and snacks to fuel the fun, and any equipment you need to use, including safety equipment.
Note: We don't have endless supplies of equipment, so please do bring your own if you have it.

Our next event is on the 25th May, let us know if you're coming here!

DynamixCIC Groups and Parties

Big Kids Club

For adult men (aged 18+) who either used to do this fun and crazy stuff in their youth and haven't for a while, or who have always wanted to have a go but never had the chance before.

Come and try Skateboarding, BMX, inline skating, and trampoline.

£10 entry includes any equipment you need to hire, snacks and a drink!

Our next event is on the 4th May let us know if you're coming here!

DynamixCIC Groups and Parties
DynamixCIC Groups and Parties
DynamixCIC Skate and Bike Park


The best of both worlds, our Ladies Night and Big Kids Club combined...this is a night for people who might not otherwise feel so comfortable turning up at a skatepark, or would like to give the activities a go, but with some support, and other likeminded people around.

You can try Skateboarding, BMX, inline/quad skating, wall-trampoline and aerial circus.

£12 gets you any equipment you need to hire, snacks and a drink.

Bring some friends along for an alternative night out!

Our next Mash UP is 11th May, let us know if you're coming here!


Having a background in performance ourselves, we bring our knowledge, networks and experience to events, whether we are hosting your event, working on a co-production, or contributing to an event you are organising elsewhere.   We are open to ideas, so if there is an event or project you want to make happen, talk to us about it!