The artist Neequaye Dreph Dsane at work on one of his murals in London

Artist Neequaye Dreph Dsane painting huge mural at Dynamix

Between the 14th and 16th of November, we have the mural artist Dreph here at Dynamix, painting a large-scale mural to recognise and celebrate the inspirational Esther Stanford-Xosei.

London based British Ghanaian artist Neequaye Dreph Dsane is best known for his large-scale portrait paintings, oil portraits and letterforms. His work draws inspiration from 80′s British underground comics such as 2000 AD, dramatic lighting of old masters such as Caravaggio and the energy and scale of 70’s New York subway graffiti.
Esther Stanford-Xosei is a jusrisprudence and a key leader in the Reparations movement in the UK and Europe. She is an inspiration to our work, and mentor to Dynamix director Rico Jakk.

There will be an opportunity to come and meet Dreph and hear about how he approaches his work, on Wednesday 15th November at 2pm and Thursday 16th November at 4pm.

This work is part of the “Unsung Sheroes and Heroes of Afrikan Heritage” programme at Dynamix, funded by Arts Council England.

Dreph presents an alternative black British narrative. His murals and the accompanying backstories are a tribute to living unsung heroes and heroines, larger than life and in technicolor in our public spaces.

His paintings are arresting and beautifully drafted, with an honesty and depth of emotion that bring his subjects to life. Dreph is a versatile visual artist working successfully in a wide range of media. However it is his distinctive style, vibrant color palette and attention to detail that is the common thread throughout all of his work.

After 3 decades of street based work, Dreph is regarded as a stalwart of the scene and has painted in Asia, Africa, the UAE, Central and South America and throughout Europe.