Ladies’ Night and Big Kids’ Club

Our Ladies Nights have been running since September 2015, and have been a really popular opportunity for women and girls to come and try all the main activities we do here at Dynamix (skate, bmx, scoot, inline, trampoline and aerial circus), supported by facilitators for each activity, and with a drink and healthy snacks thrown in to fuel the fun! The next Ladies Night is on Saturday the 30th September, 7-9pm.

We then realised that there might also be men who, like some women and girls, might feel a bit intimidated turning up to a skatepark, feeling like they don’t yet have the skills or control to go confidently into a regular session. It may be that there are guys who used to ride or skate, but haven’t for many years and are feeling a bit rusty, or men who have always wanted to give these activities a go, but never had the opportunity, or the support to do it. SO, if that sounds like you, get in touch and book in for our Big Kids Club night on Saturday 14th October, 7-9pm.

The £10 entry gives you access to any of the activities (skate, bmx, inline, scooting, trampoline, and aerial circus), supported by facilitators, any equipment you need, a drink and healthy snacks.
It’s a great, fun, sociable evening, as well as a different way to develop your fitness, skills and confidence.