Big Potential Funding

Dynamix is proud to announce that we have finally secured our first significant piece of funding! We are recipients of a grant from Big Potential, which is a fund to support organisations to become more ‘investment’ ready. This means making sure that we have all the tools and systems in place to help us to get funding and investment in future to support our development. We are working with Social Enterprise Acumen and UNW accountants, who are using their expertise to help us evaluate our: social impact and aims, financial systems and planning, the development of our core staff team, and how we can make all of this work together as effectively as possible so that funders and investors can get involved with our vision and back us with confidence. The idea is to make sure that Dynamix can continue to improve and grow, and be sustainable, serving the local community and regions for many years to come!

We have also been selected as recipients of support through Sported’s Fit for Impact programme! We are one of 2 Sports for Development organisation in the North East who are benefitting from the programme, which is designed to help us understand the best ways to measure our ‘impact’ (ie the benefits and changes that people who participate in our activities feel). This helps us know that what we are doing is working, helps to motivate our staff and our team, and helps us to provide better evidence to funders, or other organisations who might get involved and support our activities/want to benefit from them, so that they know what difference we are making through our work.