Important Update!

Dynamix: The latest!

We know there have been all sorts of rumours flying about as to the future of Dynamix.  And we are grateful to those of you who have expressed your love for the place and what we do, and dismay at the idea that this resource might be lost.

We didn’t want to make a public statement before we could be sure of what we were telling people, as for various reasons, we have been in limbo-land for a good while now.

But, it now looks like we have another extension to our lease, for up to 6 months.  That means that, as most of you already know, Dynamix IS OPEN, and WILL STAY OPEN for the next few months, hopefully until July.

So, we have a window of time to make sure Dynamix has a long-term future, and to work towards its evolution to include an education-based offer, also known as DSOL (the Dynamix School of Life).

We need your help and support!

What can you do?

-write an email, Facebook post (tagging us, or on our page), tweet or letter, describing how you use Dynamix, and what it means to you/your family/friends.  Send emails to:

-write an email or letter to your local authority and local councillors, telling them about Dynamix and how you value it, and asking them what they will do to help secure a future for Dynamix, so that facilities like ours don’t become a thing of the past.

-If you know of a building or patch of land which is available, and which would be suitable for something like Dynamix (minimum size 10, 000 sq ft unit, 6m high), get in touch and let us know with whatever information you have.

-If you have fundraising or marketing skills, join us to build a crowdfunding campaign, help us to promote the positive aspects of Dynamix, and work with us to develop applications for funding to help us with the move to a new premises, and the development of the future version of Dynamix.

-Keep coming to Dynamix, bringing your enthusiasm and energy (and spend your money with us!) You are supporting a community interest company which is not about making anyone rich. Rather than buying your skate, BMX or scooter parts online or from another shop, check what we have in stock, or ask us to order products in for you.  Buy your coffee, morning sarnie, or lunch from us, rather than going to Maccy D’s or one of the other big food chains.

If you have questions, want to know more about how to get involved, or want to send us something, contact: or 07855110906.

Thank you! We do what we do for you, but without you, we can’t do it!