Performance Skills Workshops

Every Tuesday from 6-9pm Rosa, one of the Directors of Dynamix who trained at Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris, is running workshops to develop physical performance skills. These training sessions are for actors, musicians, acrobats, aerialists, skaters, riders, dancers, and other people who use their bodies in dynamic ways, but would like to gain experience as to how to use these skills for performance.
The training gives you practical skills which develop your physical range, precision, and presence, as well as improvising and devising skills, and building on ‘technical skills’ such as opportunities to try Aerial Circus, Trampoline, Acro Balance, develop your gymnastic skills, rhythm work, etc.
People who attend the sessions regularly will be invited to work towards performances, and, in particular, developing work around themes/stories which the group agrees are relevant and important to them, and to people locally and around the world today.

Participants should have either some theatre/performance experience or training, or have developed other skills such as aerial/dance/acrobatics/music/film/visual or digital arts.
Participants do not have to have a high level of fitness or competence in physical skills, if they have other performance experience or skills.

Sessions cost £10, and you need to book at least 3 sessions at a time (but this can be flexible-please contact Rosa to discuss if you want to sort out a different way of paying).
Please contact to find out more, register your interest, and book.