Dynamix Why


Starting from 13th September 2016, we are bringing back our weekly training programme for staff and volunteers. Formerly called ‘Team Training’, we are re-launching this session as ‘Professional Development’. This session enables us to bring our existing and new staff and volunteers together, to build skills in: facilitating and supervising sessions, communication, problem-solving and trouble-shooting, performance and to share information and practice on all aspects of the organisation. This helps us all to work better as a team, to keep us constantly learning and developing, and to keep us focused on what is important: the social impact of what we do, the sustainability of the project, and how best to serve the people and organisations who come to Dynamix.
If you are interested in joining our team as a volunteer, please get in touch! We are keen to hear from people with skills and experience in Media and Marketing, sports coaching, BMX, Inline Skate, Scooting, Trampoline, IT and communications, art and design, and many other areas. You can see more about our volunteering programmes and the benefits they offer, here