Support Us!

Having been a very grassroots based organisation, surviving and growing for years without relying on funding, we have got to where we are now with true People Power! 
We have big vision and ambition for the impact we aim to have wherever we work:
-improving people’s health and well-being;
-inspiring young people to follow and realise their dreams, to develop the skills and knowledge so that they can be part of making change happen, and can play a positive role in their communities and the world we live in;
-helping people to explore and experience different ways of doing things, feel a sense of community and unity;
-to make Social Enterprise the way that everyone does 'business'.

We know there are many people all over the world and right here on our doorstep also working to have a positive impact, and none of us can do it alone!
We all need to support each other!  Whether it’s by donating money or other resources, contributing knowledge or skills, and getting actively involved, don’t be shy! 
One of our mottos is ‘you have one life, live it’.  What are you waiting for?

Contact us to find out how you can get involved/contribute here.

Other projects that we like and support or have some connection to are:
The Freedom Theatre in Jenin, Palestine and;
Cardboard Citizens in London, using theatre to work with people who have experienced homelessness;
Avenir De L’Enfant in Senegal; and CAS and Street Girls Aid in Accra, Ghana;
Street Child Africa; All doing amazing work with street children and their families!

Beehive in Malawi;
Tin Arts and the Clown Doctor programme, North East, UK,;
Clowns Without Borders and Clowns Without Borders International


Other partners and supporters whom we would like to thank are:
Attaya Projects, Breeze Creatives, ISIS Arts, The Empty Space, Tech North, TBI Law, XSite Architects, Social Enterprise Acumen, Start Up Britain, UNW Accountants, R & B Group Event Production, Plan Digital, and Jury’s Inn

We have recently received our first major funding through Big Potential, a Lottery funded programme managed by Social Investment Business.