The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company Workshop, Saturday 11th November

As part of our Unsung (Sheroes and Heroes of Afrikan Heritage) programme, The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company – founded by BAFTA and MOBO award-winning hip hop artist, writer/poet and historian Akala – will lead a workshop with young performers, writers, musicians and activists in the North East.

This is a unique opportunity to work with an exciting company, who are not often in the North East!
The workshop will be about participants developing their skills and ideas, using rhythm, lyrics/writing, and voice to explore and express issues that are important to them, but with a particular focus on how these forms can be used to challenge racism.
Both Hip Hop music and Shakespeare͛s theatre represent energetic and inventive forms of expression. Both are full of poetry, word-play and lyricism. Both deal with what it is to be human and of course, just like Shakespeare͛’s work, the art of Hip Hop is all about the rhythmic tension of words.

This workshop is particularly relevant for Performing Arts, Music, and Creative Writing students, and aspiring or early career performers, musicians, MCs, spoken word poets, writers and lyricists. There are subsidised tickets available for this workshop at £15, £10 and £3.

Contact Rosa at Dynamix to book a place, or for more information: or 07964212929.
Please provide your name, address, age, interest in the workshop, and relevant experience/ art forms you practice.