DynamixCIC Arial Circus Training

Aerial Circus Training

Aerial Circus, also known as Aerial Dance, includes learning skills on aerial rope, hoop, silks and trapeze (when available). Taught by experienced circus performer and aerialist Emma Bloomfield, also known as Rosy Bloomers, this is a great alternative, fun and exciting way to keep fit. In the general classes, you will learn basic moves and techniques on the equipment, and eventually will learn to link moves and work towards creating routines. Suitable for beginners, and those with some experience.

The intermediate classes are for people who have either been coming regularly to the classes at Dynamix, or who have previous experience of aerial elsewhere, and are competent with the basic climbs and positions, and ready to learn more challenging and complex moves and potentially work towards performance (more on that below).

Aerial Conditioning class uses the aerial equipment for exercises which develop core strength, upper body strength, general muscle tone, and flexibility. The class can be used as either a fitness class in its own right, or, as a way of conditioning your body so it is better prepared for the types of moves and skills developed in the other Aerial classes.

We also run a Kids Aerial class for children aged 7-10 and Youth Aerial class for anyone aged 11-16 to begin learning the ropes!  Participants will learn in a similar way to the sessions described above, building their confidence and ability.


All classes are £8, or £6 each with the multi-session discount voucher.

Aerial Conditioning classes are £6.

DynamixCIC Arial Circus Training

Please contact Emma Bloomfield with any questions or bookings directly at:

Or via the Dynamix Aerial Club Facebook page , which is also the place to go to keep updated about these classes, showcases or other events in the future. 

Look out for our Aerial Showcases, which happen at least twice a year. These are fun evening events, giving participants of the aerial classes an opportunity to share the skills they’ve been developing with an audience, in a performance setting complete with lights, music, and often a theme and/or a story linking the pieces.

Click here for information about having an Aerial Circus party!