Is Dynamix a charity or a business? We are a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is a Social Enterprise model. A social enterprise can sell products or services just like a normal business.  The only difference is that it is a company set up with the aim to create social benefit, and the profits made have to be reinvested in the company, to enable the company to continue to grow its positive impact, rather than going to private shareholders.
How do I get to Dynamix? You can find our address, a map, and details of transport links on the Find Us page. If you are really stuck..give us a ring!  We have plenty of free parking onsite.
When should I come? You can find our timetable on the timetable page, as well as on the profile picture of our Facebook page.  Our timetable shows our regular recreational sessions, as well as times when you can make private, group, or party bookings.  If you want to come at a time that is not advertised on our timetable, or you’re not sure which session is for you, please contact us here. If you haven’t had much experience in skateparks, or you’re under 10 and it’s your first visit to us, we recommend that you come to our Beginners sessions, as advertised on our timetable.  General Skatepark sessions are for people who have good control of their bike/scooter/skateboard/skates, and are able to drop in pretty much all of the ramps.  Please check the timetable carefully when planning your visit to us.  If you come at the wrong time for your activity, age or level of experience, we may have to turn you away.
How do I book? You only need to book if it says so on the timetable for the session you’re planning to come to, or if you are bringing a large group.  You don’t need to book for General Skatepark or Beginners sessions, apart from inline skate beginners.  You need to book for: Trampoline sessions, Youth Aerial, beginners inline skate sessions, or for Birthday Party or Group activity bookings.  Click here to book.

What equipment do I need? If you have your own stunt scooter, BMX or Jump bike, Skateboard, aggressive inline skates or quad skates, please bring them, along with any protective gear (elbow pads, knee pads, shin/ankle guards and wrist guards) you might want to wear.  Helmets are compulsory for all skaters/riders except for skateboarders aged 16+.  For skatepark use, your helmet should be a rounded, skate-style helmet, and not a road bike helmet.  You are responsible for ensuring that your equipment is safe and fit for purpose.  You must ensure that scooters and bike handlebars are fitted with bar ends.
Can I hire equipment? Yes, we have the following equipment for hire: Helmets (£2 +£3 deposit), Skateboards (£3), Scooters (£3), BMX bikes 20inch, 18 inch and 16inch (£5), and a random collection of inline skates-but we can’t guarantee we’ll have your size. We don’t have endless amounts of hire equipment, so during busy periods we may run out.  If you have your own, it’s best you bring it.
What else do I need to bring? All participants must have a signed consent form before they can take part.  Under 16s must have this form filled in or signed by their parent/guardian/carerThe form can be downloaded here or you can fill it in when you reach us, but please be aware that under 16s who are not accompanied by a parent/guardian/carer and have not had a form signed may not be allowed to participate.
Can I leave my child/young person with you? Children aged 8 and under must have an adult with them at all times. Children over age 8 can be left with us for the duration of their session, however, we must have current contact numbers for the parents and be provided with any medical information or details of any extra support your child might need.  If you are leaving your age 9+ young person with us, please make sure that they are here at the right time for a session which is suitable for their age group, skill level and activity, that they have enough money to pay for their session, and any drinks or snacks or hire equipment they might need, that they have their equipment with them, that you know what time their session finishes, and, ideally, that they have a telephone, or at the very least a copy of your contact number with them.
How much are the sessions? Most sessions cost £8, that is for either a 1.5 hour beginners skatepark session, a 3 hour general skatepark session, or a trampoline or aerial circus session.  You can buy blocks of sessions, saving £2 per session: 5 sessions for £30 or 10 sessions for £60.
Can I pay by card? We accept all major credit cards. Please be advised that there is a 50p charge to pay by card.
Can I come in to watch my children/friends? It is free for family of friends of participants to come in and watch.  Please come to the café/spectators areas upstairs when you enter the building, and watch from there.  If you want to enter the skatepark for any reason, please speak to a member of our team.  Please be advised that you enter the skatepark as a spectator at your own risk.  There are various obstacles in the space, as well as fast moving people on wheels, and it is dangerous for you and others if you’re not looking where you’re going, so you need to be aware of your surroundings at all time.
Is there a place to get a drink/food? Yes! We have our own café stocking a range of hot and cold drinks, snacks and freshly prepared food. Please support us by buying from our café and shop rather than buying from other local fast food outlets which are not social enterprises!  You can bring your own drinks or snacks if you have special dietary requirements, but please don’t bring food from local fast food outlets like McDonalds or KFC. We will ask you to leave the site to consume it if you do.
What should I wear? For skatepark sessions, please wear trainers (sandals or heeled shoes are not suitable), and clothing you can move easily in, and which you don’t mind getting a little bit dirty.  For trampoline, please wear trainers, jogging bottoms or leggings, and a T-Shirt or top you can tuck in.  For Aerial Circus, please wear a leggings or jogging bottoms, a t-shirt or top you can tuck in, or a leotard, and be prepare to take shoes and possibly socks off.  The building can be cold in the winter, so we advise participants to bring a couple of layers they can take off when they warm up, but can wrap up in when they take a break, and spectators should definitely wrap up extra warm in the winter months.
Is the site fully accessible? Whilst we want to be as accessible as possible, we are sorry to say that we currently don’t have full wheelchair access to the site. This is something we are working on! If you are planning to visit us, and have extra support needs, please contact us, and we will do our best to make it possible for you to visit us safely and comfortably. For parents or carers of children who have disabilities, particular medical conditions, or special educational needs, the more information you share with us, the better we are able to support your child to participate.  We will not single anybody out, but it is important that we know as much as possible about your child, so that we can do our best to make sure their experience with us is as positive as possible.
How can I get more involved? You can look on the Support, You and Future pages to find out more about what we are up to and the various ways of getting involved. You can also contact us, or talk to a member of our team when you visit.  If you’re interested in volunteering, please speak to a member of our team or contact us by e mail or phone.