Lake malawi
Beautiful Lake Malawi

Butterfly in the Head

While we love the North East, and want to help make it a better place to live for everyone, we also see ourselves as global citizens, connected to so many others around the world who are working on alternative ways of developing, finding creative and sustainable solutions to the problems around us, and helping people and places understand and reach their potential. This is the idea behind Butterfly in the Head, which aims to link up and create similar projects around the world, and especially in the places that need it the most. Members of our team have already worked in Malawi, South Africa, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Tunisia, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Senegal and Kurdistan.

One of our first International projects is to build a village in Malawi in Central Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world. The village would be a social enterprise hub, with projects and enterprises led by local people which support local development in all aspects of life, from education, to renewable energies, food production to performance skills and creative practice.