What You Can Do


There are loads of ways that you can get involved in Dynamix. You can come along as a participant in our recreational sessions, book a birthday party or a group activity. All of this helps to support our social enterprise, and means that we can keep developing our facilities and services, enabling those with less means, or more barriers, to access the benefits of what we do.

You can get involved as a volunteer, or maybe you are a student whose course relates in some way to what we do-you could get valuable work experience with us, and use this as the basis of a project or coursework. You might be a professional or company who has skills or resources that you could share with us, and at the same time, you learn about the sectors we work in.

Volunteering is an important part of what we do, and the time, energy and commitment contributed by volunteers over the years has been essential to helping make our projects happen. Equally, we know that volunteers gain some really unique and valuable skills and experiences through working with us, and especially because we work with volunteers aged as young as 10 and over. We have also had 100s of young people and older people come to us and join our team temporarily through work experience, work placements, the government work programme, Princes’ Trust and National Citizens Service projects, and corporate volunteering days.

If you are a film maker, photographer, techy, artist, gardening enthusiast, electrician, musician, foodie…and so many other vocations or skills, get in touch and see how you can get involved!